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Can I sell multiple tickets at once?

When selling a ticket that is bundled with multiple tickets, we ask that you upload the original file with all tickets. Our system will split the file automatically and ask you to indicate which tickets are for sale, and which you want to keep. Once the listing is completed, we will send the tickets that you want to keep back to you to avoid any confusion.

You can also upload multiple PDF files into one listing. For example, if you have an individual membership, or parking. Once you have posted your listing you will receive an e-mail from us with the tickets that you chose not to sell. We do this to avoid any confusion!

If you have differently priced tickets, for example kids tickets vs. adult tickets, please make two different ads. One for the kids ticket (10 euro, description: kids mentioned) and a different one for your adult ticket (15 euro, description 18+).

Can I sell tickets per 2 or more only?

It's not possible to sell your tickets per 2 or more. At TicketSwap we always sell per ticket, so it's not possible to indicate that you only want to sell both of your tickets at the same time.

Not sure which ticket you've sold?

You can always check which tickets you sold and which are for personal use on:


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