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Are there bots that are beating me?

Some people try to use scripts or bots to automatically buy tickets. This is strictly against our terms and conditions, and goes against the ethos and spirit of TicketSwap. Luckily, we have put a stop to this practice with some smart preventions by continuously optimising our systems to prevent bots and to block people who try and use them.

Some tips and tricks ✨

Here are some tips and tricks that may give you the edge of finding a ticket quicker.

  • Make sure that you’ve created a ticket alert and we’ll notify you as soon as a new ticket is available.
  • Activate push notifications via the app. This is the fastest way to get notified because you’ll receive notifications on your mobile when a ticket is available, instead of an email (which takes a little longer).
  • Unlock your phone. The minute listings for a popular event go online, you will save some time by not having to unlock your phone first!
  • Last but not least, don’t give up hope and keep on trying! 🙏

For more tips and tricks check out our "Cracking TicketSwap" blog post on Medium.

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