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super coool! fast and safe! Love it!


great website, speedy and reliable.


Had a spare ticket for a party, sold it, hooked up with the buyer, she stopped answering on the next day, my life is now empty and meaningless again. 10/10 would recommend.


If Carlsberg did ticket platforms...

Simply the best.


Nice, easy 'n fast!


Great Solution to selling e-tickets - so simple, really impressed.. sold within a couple of minutes, definitely takes the worry/hassle out of private sales


Great site, have bought and sold successfully and they swiftly sorted a situation for me when I fudged up


Was surprised how sweetly easy and proper safe this site works, so pleased to have sold my ticket


Ticket swap is the safetest and quickest way of buying tickets


The most customer friendly programs I have ever experienced in terms of accesing tickets. Viva Ticket Swap!


Easy, convenient and safe option when you can no longer attend an event! Brilliant service.


Awesomeness!! :)


Glad you enjoyed it :)


Ce site est génial et super bien fait!


That was the quickest sell I ever had done! I like it definitley




Amazing service - I have already recommended it to all my friends. The only thing, that I had a great concern about was the reliability of the seller. There is nothing that prevents a seller to use the same ticket to enter the same event before new buyer enters this event. However, everything worked perfectly this time. I also find it tricky to buy a ticket as your need to be as fast as possible when you receive a notification about available ticket. I needed 2 tickets but was lucky to buy only one. Upon receipt of ticket availability email I've followed the link immediately. And only 1 time in my overall 10 or 15 attempts I managed to by 1 ticket. All my other attempts indicated "ticket is being paid at the moment". Additionally, I friend of mine, who also wanted to buy a ticket for this event was lucky enough to add a ticket to his cart. But, when he proceeded to payment section - his cart was empty. I also had problems with my iOS app. When followed the link from Gmail App on the iOS device - the "ticketswap" app was automatically opened and error appeared. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the error but service was unreachable. I hope, that my comment will make your service even better! Thank you and good luck!


live saverr! so easy to use as welll! this is an invaluable service. 10/10


At first I thought the messages left on here looked a bit bait but I thought @@@@ it cause I need to get myself to Elrow and was willing to take the risk. It worked! Ticket got emailed straight to me. Safe.


Very effortless and got to see a great, sold-out show.


Werkte weer prima zoals altijd!


Very successfully and easily sold several tickets. I'm very pleased with this service


It is great, thanks


really cool, hope you guys decided to use Exponea after all :)


Great service sold within 7 mins of going up thank you TicketSwap


Good service! Worked well for last minute tickets


Best swap website.


Wow, what an amazing platform!

IMO, what makes this platform so great is it’s people. The amazing concert- and festivallovers using it always having each others back and the fantastic support heroes delivering a constant flow of happiness!

I have been fortunate enough to be part of the development team for about 8 months, where I have learned a lot of technical qualities and felt what it’s like to be part of a platform and experience it’s ecosystem. It’s been a blast! Thank you all

What I think of TicketSwap?
I think TicketSwap makes lives easier, makes people happier and makes markets safer. Altogether I think it’s a community that is fulfilling to be a part of. And I will definitely stay part of that loving community!

Thanks again everyone! See you soon! :D


Pretty good! Will use it again with no hesitance!


you are welcome, hope you enjoyed it


great service! thanks!


after 3x failed attempts to buy the ticket on mobile, I tried on the desktop computer and it worked.


Great and easy to use


Less than 24 hours and sold, amazing! Big relief we didn't wasted the tickets


Was worried tickets wouldn't work but everything was fine.


Sold my ticket easily with no hassle or awkward conversations about transferring money and emailing tickets, hoping one of you isn't a scammer! Great site :)


Ik ben zeer tevreden.
Ik had meer dan één vraag en Veerle Barre heeft me met veel geduld geholpen. Zeer fijne manier van werken!


Such a great way to sell on tickets with excellent customer service.
Keep up the good work!


Great idea. providing a one stop shop If you cant get tickets at the time and if someone else who bought a ticket couldn't go..


Excellent platform, extremely satisfied. Have re-sold some tickets for events that I could not attend and this was just too easy to be true!

This is also a safe place where to buy and sell e-tickets. For instance, I re-sold a ticket which was already used by someone else. This cause an inconvenience both to me and the person who bought the ticket for me. Despite this, the TicketSwap team supported all people included in the sale of the wrong ticket by offering an extremely kind service and support, in a very responsible and professional manner.

I would definitely recommend using this platform, it's amazing!!


Could work without facebook. Other than that ok :)