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Part of TicketSwap's exciting new partnership with ADE

  • TicketSwap Team
  • Fri, Jul 28, 2023
  • Music Industry

Image credit: Alizé Barthélemy

What’s technology doing to ticketing? How will live events look in a decade? What makes a sell-out festival?

TicketSwap’s new podcast series, TicketSwap Sessions, asks exactly that – bringing together 20 personalities from across the music and cultural space to dive into trends, perspectives, and issues facing the music industry today. This exciting podcast launch comes as a celebration of the new partnership between TicketSwap and ADE, where TicketSwap will serve as the official marketplace for the major event for the next 3 editions.

This means that fans can not only purchase tickets directly from event organizers, but also swap and sell tickets via the app, further enhancing the convenience and accessibility for music enthusiasts. The podcast is hosted by columnist Ginny Ramkisoen, and in each episode, Ginny will chat with different industry experts, providing an in-depth look at various topics impacting the music industry.

Look out for conversations with major industry players including GoSpooky, Eventix, MS-Live, Chartmetric, DICE, Fangage, DJ Mag, and See Tickets, – providing valuable insights and opinions on the latest trends and challenges facing the music industry.

Special guests include Joost Aanen, Founder, and CEO of Eventix; Chaz Jenkins, CCO of Chartmetric; Hans Ober, CEO of TicketSwap; Tim van der Wiel, Founder of GoSpooky, and Marijke van den Mosch, Managing Director at See Tickets, among others.

Episode 1: The Future of Ticketing Ecosystems

How is technology is changing the ticketing landscape? What might the future of ticketing could look like? Hans Ober, Joost Aanen, Jasper Dijkstra, and Marcelo Madueño discuss this, and more. Learn about how data collection can create a more personalized ticket buying experience for fans, and hear perspectives from leading ticketing companies and event organisers.

“You collect more and more details over the behaviours of your fans” - Hans Ober, CEO of TicketSwap

TicketSwap Sessions

Episode 2: Data Driven Decision Making

Marketing and music industry experts James Fleury, Chaz Jenkins, Chris Carey, and Christina Osazuwa, explore the significance of data in the industry. What's the best way to use date to grow? Christina Osazuwa dives into the importance of individual music preferences, and the weighs up the value of relying on personal taste compared to algorithms.

TicketSwap Sessions Podcast

Episode 3: Engaging Fan Communities

What makes a fandom? How much power do these collectives of fans have to wield? And how can a brand, organiser, or festival create the best ambassadors from these communities? Guests Tim van der Wiel, Mauricio Soares, Damian Kozak, and Cam Petschi discuss this and more.

TicketSwap Sessions Podcast
Credit: Alizé Barthélemy

Episode 4: How to Sell Out

The not-so-impossible dream. Tamas Egei, Charlotte Maynard, and Wyan Schreiber tackle the complex issue of selling primary tickets in the music industry, as the industry continues to recover from the pandemic. Find out why selling out relies on so much more beyond a tempting artist line-up, and hear from the panellists themselves on challenges they've overcome in adapting to post-pandemic events landscape

 “It's about the stages, the production, the sound quality” - Charlotte Maynard

Episode 5: Sounds Like Opportunity

Find out how to make a meaningful mark in the industry, in a digital age. Oscar Kriek, Remko de Jong, and Daniele Spadaro discuss the promotion of artists and music in the modern era, sharing their insights into the changing role of social media and the significance of traditional promotion tools. The panelists explore the the industry's evolution, and chat about the opportunities and challenges presented by these changes.

“The music is changing, the world is changing, something new is coming” - Daniele Spadaro

TicketSwap Sessions Podcast
Credit: Alizé Barthélemy

Listen to TicketSwap Sessions now, via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Springcast and YouTube

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